Top Penny Stocks List and Weekly Update


Top Penny Stocks List and Weekly Update: Key Takeaways

Last week’s tech sell-off led the Nasdaq into correction territory.
The S&P 500 threatened to drop below the 200-day moving average for the first time since June 2020.
There are still trading opportunities — but you have to adapt. See all three featured stocks below…

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HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. (OTCPK: HDUP … read my analysis here)
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB … read my analysis here)
Pintec Technology Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: PT … read my analysis here)

Top Penny Stocks List: January 24, 2022

Back in November, I spoke at Thrive wearing a construction safety outfit. It got a few laughs, but I was dead serious in my warning about an upcoming crash.

Its been 2 months since my speech at #thrive where I wore a construction safety outfit warning about an upcoming crash, since then the 2 most-over-hyped assets, the $QQQ is down 10%+ & $BTC is down an astounding 35%. Bubbles only last so long, NOW WE REPENT! #Bitcoin #stockmarket

— Timothy Sykes (@timothysykes) January 21, 2022

As you study this week’s watchlist, keep things in perspective. Given the huge bubble and how fast the overall market dropped last week, we could be in for a wild ride.

It’s a good time to watch for panic dip buys. Just don’t get tempted by plays where the panic isn’t big or fast enough. Finally, adapt to whatever pattern works best at any given time.

These are the OTCs I’m watching this week…

And here are the listed stocks I’m watching…

3 Penny Stocks to Watch This Week

Don’t be in a hurry to trade for the sake of trading this week. Stay disciplined and prepare to sit on your hands if there aren’t any great plays. Sometimes the best trade is no trade. Here are three penny stocks I’ll watch this week….

Top Penny Stocks List #1: HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. (OTCPK: HDUP)

HeadsUp Entertainment International is an online gaming and media company. Its focus is poker, e-sports, and sports betting.

Key points about HDUP…

The company issued a shareholder update on January 11 about a planned acquisition. The update said the company “anticipates this closing in […] January 2022.”
The update also teased uplisting and new revenue streams to begin in Q1 2022.
HDUP dipped and bounced last week, consolidating gains made after the shareholder update.

HDUP looks poised for a multi-month breakout, but it’s thinly traded. The acquisition could turn into a ‘buy the rumor, sell the news’ type of play.

I’m watching for continued spiking, ideally with a news catalyst and big volume. If it runs enough I’ll watch for potential dip buys into any big panic.

Top Penny Stocks List #2: Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB)

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories is a biotech that developed genetically engineered spider silk.

Key points about KBLB…

The company recently announced it was preparing to ship finished Dragon Silk from its factory in Vietnam.
It raised $3 million through convertible debentures per this January 20 8-K.
KBLB spiked 30% on the funding news before pulling back to close up 15% on Friday.

KBLB is a former supernova with a history of multi-day runs. I’ll watch for more spiking, ideally with big volume and a news catalyst.

Top Penny Stocks List #3: Pintech Technology Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: PT)

Pintec Technology Holdings is a China-based fintech company that connects businesses with financial partners to provide end-user financing.

Key points about PT…

PT was part of a penny stock report issued by a known stock promoter website on Friday.
The stock closed Friday up 216% year to date.
PT spiked 44% on Friday on its highest trading volume since October.

I usually don’t like three-letter tickers, let alone two-letter tickers. But adapting’s the name of the gamer right now. I’ll watch PT for potential dip buys into any big intraday panic.

Monday Motivation

It’s always entertaining to watch the financial pundits wring their hands over a market correction. Not to mention the BS that promoters spout when their pumps start crashing.

Dear promoter: I’m down 20%

Promoter: Just hold it’ll come back

Dear promoter: I’m down 40%

Promoter: Just hold it’ll come back

Dear promoter: I’m down 50%

Promoter: Just hold it’ll come back

Dear promoter: I’m down 70%

Promoter: Just hold it’ll come back


— Timothy Sykes (@timothysykes) January 21, 2022

Meanwhile, it’s business as usual for me and my top students. We’re adapting to what the market gives. Part of the reason we’re able to do that is because we focus on the process.

Proud to donate $5,000 trading profits today to @karmagawa and the great work @timothysykes and his team are doing there! Keep up the great work and congrats on the 100th School today! Encouraging all to donate some of your trading profits!!!

— Mark Croock (@thehonestcroock) January 21, 2022

Traders like Mark Croock and Tim Bohen constantly refine their process. By the way, Bohen has agreed to open up his track record AND demonstrate on video this Wednesday. Get details and save your seat here.

The state of the market is what it is. Focus on the process NOW so you can gain your freedom as soon as possible.

99 Ways We’ve Changed the World for the Better

I’m super proud to announce the 99th school built/renovated by my charity, Karmagawa. It’s been roughly five and a half years since my first school project in Bali. Our goal is to open 1,000 schools. So the next school is a big milestone on the way to that goal.

I’m proud to announce the opening of the 99th @karmagawa school, The River Abad School, in honor of @badboivisual son River! I’ve even been River’s babysitter so congratulate River on his new school & thank him for being such an amazing baby…stay tuned for school #100 next week!

— Timothy Sykes (@timothysykes) January 21, 2022

As driven as I am to achieve the goal, this is a good time to reflect. Every school we open serves dozens, if not hundreds, of students every year. We could stop today and still, over time, open a world of possibilities to thousands of children.

Again, I won’t stop … can’t stop … and I’ll fight to my last breath to help kids get the education they deserve. THIS is why I want you to get free.

Yes, I want to see you live the life of your dreams. But I also hope that in doing so, you see the value in helping others to achieve their dreams. Do it. Break free. Dig deep into the very fiber of your being and STUDY HARD! Then join me and help to create a better life for these kids.

Here’s how…

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How to Create Your Own Penny Stocks List

Answers to watchlist FAQs…

How Can You Create Your Own Watchlist?

To start, look for big percent gainers. For two decades, big percent gains have been my #1 criteria. After that, I look at trading volume and a catalyst or reason behind the price action. Read “Stock Watchlist Guide: Tips & Examples to Develop Your Own” for details about the entire process.

Should I Create a Watchlist Every Day?

All serious traders create a daily watchlist. If you’re serious about trading penny stocks, making a daily watchlist is essential.

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How to Use the Top Penny Stocks List Weekly Update

When you read the weekly penny stock list (and the monthly watchlist), don’t think of them as hot picks. Frankly, sometimes they’ll be duds. That’s why it’s called a watchlist. Welcome to penny stocks.

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It all starts with looking for big percent gainers. Try to figure out why I’ve put the stocks on my list. Study so you can help yourself become a self-sufficient trader. Only fools chase hot picks.

What do you think about this penny stocks list and weekly update? Comment below, I love to hear from all my readers! 

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