Tesla to start production of Optimus humanoid


Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), announced on Thursday that the Optimus humanoid robot production could begin as soon as next year.

Tesla to begin production of Tesla Bot

The Tesla robot, also called the Tesla Bot, was initially hinted at during the electric car maker’s “AI Day” in August 2021, when it was said to be a general-purpose device capable of performing a variety of jobs. Musk said:

We have a shot of being in production for version one of Optimus hopefully next year.

The Tesla CEO was commenting while opening a new assembly factory in Austin, Texas. But, Tesla is still yet to show a working version of the bot, and it’s unknown how advanced Optimus is at this point.

Musk claims that Optimus will soon be able to accomplish everything humans don’t want him to do, ushering in the era of abundance. Musk also stated that the device would revolutionize the world to an extent even more significant than Tesla’s prestigious cars in a bullish tone. He went on to say that it’s difficult to imagine.

Artificial intelligence has been recognized as a possible threat to civilization, with Musk claiming in 2018 that AI is much more threatening than nuclear weapons. He stated:

As you see Optimus develop, everyone’s going to make sure it’s safe. No Terminator stuff or that kind of thing.

He earlier stated that Tesla designed the machine so that people would be able to escape from it or defeat it.

When Musk originally unveiled Tesla’s robot, he stated that it would be built using the same electronics and monitors that Tesla’s automobiles utilize for self-driving capabilities. As per Musk, it stands five feet eight inches in height and includes a screen at eye level for essential information.

AI researcher warns that robots won’t be competent to take human roles by 2023

Gary Marcus, an AI researcher and entrepreneur, told CNBC that by the end of 2023, no robot would be competent to accomplish all human duties. He said:

Tesla has not even (after years of effort) come close to reliably solving one relatively simple task (driving); to claim that a robot that has never been shown publicly will solve all of human tasks in the next year or two is preposterous.

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