Simple Tips For New Traders From A Broker {VIDEO}


Key Takeaways

Trading with a small account? This video’s for YOU!
The one thing I want traders to do so badly, I scream it loud for all to hear!
Constantly thinking about money and profits? Learn how to keep things in perspective and what to focus on instead…

TradeZero CEO and co-founder Dan Pipitone and I both started our trading careers around the same time. What have we seen over our 40+ years of combined experience? One thing separates winning traders from the losers — watch the video below to learn what it is. Plus…

Think you’re ready to level up and increase your size? Hear what Dan thinks you should focus on first.
Learn the number one cause of account blow-ups?
Dan shares an analogy on greed that can help you keep things in perspective…
The rule that’s so important I want to scream it on the rooftops! (And I kind of do in this video.)

Watch the video for that and more. And follow along with my small-account challenge with TradeZero and claim your special offers here!

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Most of my millionaire students are in year three or four of their trading education. Are you dedicated and ready to put in the years of hard work? If you are…

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