Jeff Mills: these two growth stocks are still cheap to own


The Nasdaq 100 index has recovered just under 15% over the past couple of weeks. But there are high-quality, growth names in the tech space that are still lagging; and that’s where the opportunity lies, as per Bryn Mawr Trust CIO.

Jeff Mills’ bull case for Netflix Inc

One such name that he likes for 2022 is Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX), still down roughly 35% for the year. The streaming giant is set to report earnings right after Easter. On CNBC’s “Power Lunch”, Jeff Mills said:

Valuation is back to pre-pandemic level. I think we’re a long way from market saturation. The company is investing in content like it expects growth. So, again, from these price levels, I think you have a pretty good performer here.

The company’s forecast for a 30% earnings growth in 2023 were among other reasons why he’s bullish on the stock.

Mills also likes Facebook at current levels

Another name that pops out to him is the hard-hit Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB). Mills agrees that the tech giant has made some disappointing decision in the near past but still likes the stock from the valuation perspective.

The stock’s held the important $200 technical level. It’s trading at a below market PE. It’s a company with really high margins. So, this is the type of company investors will look for as the economy starts to more noticeably slow down.

Last month, Meta said NFTs were soon to debut on Instagram. The stock is still down about 35% year-to-date.

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